Michael Strasser

Birthday: 1983-04-16
Homebase: Wien, Austria
Discipline: Extreme Sports Athlete



In 2006 the studied architect decided to give up his office job and to dedicate his life completely to sports. Michael celebrated his first successes in the long distance triathlon, where he was able to win one of the hardest alpine triathlons, the Austria-Extreme ( Ironman distance with 5800 meters altitude difference) several times. With a lot of self-confidence he was looking for a new challenge in 2016: Cairo2Cape. In a record time of only 34.5 days Michael crossed Africa from the Mediterranean coast of Alexandria to the Cape of Good Hope - he later even wrote a book about this adventurous and 11,000 km long journey.

In 2018 he set off on his greatest cycling challenge to date: "Ice2Ice" - the longest rideable crossing of this world. From Alaska to Patagonia - almost 23,000 km with 165,000 metres of altitude difference. Thousands followed him daily LIVE during these 84.5 days, which also earned him two entries in the Guinness Book of Records. Strasser also teaches at the Sports institute of the University of Vienna and organizes numerous small fire events through his charity association. He is also a much sought-after speaker. In 2019 he made his first World Tour - speaking to up to 5000 visitors in the USA, Canada and Australia.